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[br_tc]Virtual CAM[br_tc]


[br_tc]Empresa CAM


Ideal for[nbsp_tc]directors and [br_tc]companies with pre-established[br_tc]working places anywhere

Ideal for producers and foreigners [br_tc]working online [br_tc]for the IT sector

An office for [br_tc]you work team with full privileges

[br_tc]CAM Benefits[nbsp_tc]




[nbsp_tc] [nbsp_tc] [nbsp_tc] [nbsp_tc]

Working space

[br_tc](Common zones,[nbsp_tc]8 a.m. – 6 p.m.)

[br_tc](Fixed station 24/7) [br_tc](Office 24/7)

Meeting Room


(Additional payment)




$130.000 + IVA

Special price


$600.000 + IVA

$450.000 + IVA


According to office size

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Ask at reception since prices may vary according to your membership

Meeting room[br_tc]$40.000 + IVA / hour

Access and guest (use of workstation)[br_tc]$40.000 + IVA / day / person

Printings/ scanner (black)[br_tc]$200 + IVA / printing (free up to 10 per month)

Printings / scanner (color)[br_tc]$500 + IVA / printing

Shipping[br_tc]$9.000 + IVA / shipping

Locker[br_tc]$50.000 + IVA / month[br_tc]$3.000 + IVA / day

Billing[br_tc]More than 10 million / 5% invoice value[br_tc]Less than 10 million / 8% invoice value

Business Membership[br_tc]$ 15,000 + IVA / month (up to 3 people)

IP Line (Empresa CAM only)[br_tc]Value to be defined by supplier

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